We are a group of diverse trainers of various backgrounds, who are devoted to creating a welcoming Core  Society within the East Bay. We are dedicated to challenging you in our classes and giving you the attention you need.  Through beat-driven music and thoughtful transitions we will push you to your limits without intimidation.  We are here to take care of you and coach you to your optimal level of fitness.  


Berniedette Flores

Berniedette is a health and fitness enthusiast and loves taking classes at boutique studios the thoughts of becoming a fitness instructor never crossed her mind until a year after she fell in love with Lagree Fitness!  Growing up, Berniedette stayed active in dance (mainly hip hop and some jazz).  She never considered herself as athletic until a few years ago when she "graduated" from her local gym and gave boutique studios a shot.

Teaching Style:  Upbeat, dance party, positive


Danielle Haraldson

Danielle has trained clients in Southern California, Bay Area, and Switzerland.  Her background in fitness is extensive- from Yoga, Cycle to Lagree, you name it Danielle rocks at teaching it.  On the Megaformer, she has over 3,000 teaching hours and studied directly under Sebastien Lagree himself, the founder and creator of Lagree Fitness® method.  

Since health and fitness impact our lives way beyond the time spent in the studio/gym, Danielle is passionate about creating movement that doesn’t feel like a chore, but rather an experience that leaves us wanting more.

Teaching style: Knowledgeable, challenging, tough love, energetic, motivating


Emily Yang

Emily grew up dancing and has always embodied the discipline and structure of ballet, jazz and other forms of dance.  While working in the Silicon Valley startup world, she tried out various classes to find a workout that could be as effective and yield similar results to a rigorous dancing regime, (only in an hour or less).

She was hooked after her first Lagree class and became an instructor immediately after.  She believed in the method so much that she decided she had to find a way to share it with her community and home by bringing Core Society Fitness to the East Bay.

Teaching style:  Energetic, encouraging, kind                                                                  


Kat Wilson

Kat is another native Michigander that moved out to CA after the polar vortex.  She graduated from University and has over 200 hours of yoga teacher training.  She is excited to apply her extensive yoga training to bring conscious breathing, body awareness to her Lagree Megaformer classes.

Teaching Style:  Calm, motivating, mindful


Melanie Echanique

A seasoned Lagree professional, Melanie has mastered the art of teaching the Lagree method at various studios from coast to coast.  Master trainer, skilled at unifying a class to the beat,  Mel brings years of experience from performing shows to each and every single class.

Teaching style:  Raw, beat based, quirkyness 


Steve Luongo

Homegrown in the Midwest , Steve is Core Society’s most recent transplant to the Bay Area.  Although he holds a masters in Urban Planning from UMich, Steve has devoted the last half decade to becoming an expert in fitness.  He has operated and taught at numerous cycle studios in the Midwest and now brings this expertise to Core Society.

Teaching Style:  Music focused, concentrated, attentive

William Roscoe

William Roscoe

Will hails from Jackson Hole Wyoming, where skiing, hockey and soccer were his main sports.  After suffering various injuries from sports, Will found Lagree as the most powerful intense way to keep up his stamina and strength without any risk of injury.  An engineer by trade, he became convinced by the Lagree method because it was the most structurally sound way to work and touch every single muscle group with a heavy emphasis on form.

 Teaching Style:  Team based, tough love.